You could be the next viral sensation

The rise and dominance of social media has significantly increased the chances of regular people being skyrocketed into fame. The social media revolution has proved that an unknown artist can find fame through this new, exciting and limitless portal.
Here’s a look at a few artists who found success by putting their talent online. Once they recorded songs in their bedroom and now they’re packing out stadiums. If you think of say Facebook where the average user has 245 friends or Twitter where the average profile has 126 followers, all it takes is one friend to share a video and it can quickly spread like wildfire. Some videos can reach millions of viewers in just days. These artists’ careers blast off on social media and no doubt there will be many more to follow!

Justin Bieber has his critics but he does have singing credentials. On January 19, 2007 a 12 year-old Bieber posted his first video on his YouTube channel “kidrauhl”. A year later he posted a soon to be viral video of himself covering Chris Brown’s “With You”. This is the song that gave his career the rocket boost and as they say the rest is history. His debut EP My World in 2009 was certified platinum in the United States. Bieber became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. His total video viewership is 2.3 billion.

Grammy winning singer Colbie Caillat became an internet sensation back in the days of MySpace. Despite being rejected for American Idol twice, she persisted with loading her YouTube videos on her MySpace page and her popularity grew until she became the number one unsigned artist in her genre. She was eventually signed to Universal in 2007 and since her debut album Cocoa she’s sold over 6 million albums globally.

Popular boy band 5 Seconds of Summer now have millions of fans across the globe. Their debut album reached number 1 in 11 countries and it all started on YouTube. In 2011 Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Callum Hood began posting their covers of songs on Hemmings’ YouTube channel. They quickly grabbed the attention of fans and music executives.

Maria Aragon is a YouTube and Twitter sensation. She started out recording covers on her YouTube channel but nothing out of the ordinary happened until Lady Gaga tweeted out Maria’s video link. Immediately shared with Gaga’s 52 million followers her viewership increased by 11 million in the first week. She’s gone on to record commercials for The Gap and HTC mobile phones.

These prime examples illustrate the power of going viral and the fact that social media has provided this platform for any Jill or Johnny to share a song or something artistic and easily create something unique. So all you budding musicians just a reminder from Lovesongs247 that we’re always open to listening to your music and even playing it! All you have to do is send us some of your material.

It’s interesting that most of the social media stars original videos were shot with basic cameras and equipment. Maybe you have something unique to share. Why not give it a go who knows with a bit of promotion and luck you could be the next viral hot shot!

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