More people tuning in to live internet radio

Live internet radio continues to see significant growth and has started to become more popular than traditional AM/FM radio. Statistics from several research companies highlight the increased popularity of internet radio over the past few years.
International market research company Edison Research’s recent survey on internet radio found 67% more people are listening to live internet radio compared to only 23% more people listening to “over the air” AM/FM radio. At Lovesongs247 we’ve managed to find a niche in the rapidly expanding internet radio audience. It feels great to be part of this technological revolution!

As far as international listening trends go Germany tops the internet radio listener minutes chart followed by the US and the UK. Germany also leads the way as the top country for listening sessions with the US and UK making up the top three. At Lovesongs247 we’ve been very much part of this general growth trend in the popularity of internet radio. From time to time it’s good that we let you know how you our listeners have helped propel us up the chart.

As far as the stats go June was great month for us we experienced the biggest jump, by some distance, in our total sessions for a month. Lovesongs247 clocked up 28,700 sessions that’s 11,400 sessions more than our previous best of just over 17,000 in March and May. So why are more people in 134 countries tuning in to Lovesongs247 and why is internet radio out-gunning traditional “over the air” radio? Well we’ve done some of our own research to find out why there’s a preference for internet radio. There were some interesting responses. Some people told us they get a more consistently clearer signal. Many identified our player feature, which tell listeners the song and artist being played, as a big plus. Others found it more convenient than listening on a regular radio. Wanting to listen to a station outside their local area was also a popular response.

We won’t be resting on our laurels though, because people aren’t just listening for listening sake. Music lovers are looking for specific content. More people are tuning in to Lovesongs 247 because they like what they’re hearing. Thanks for the sessions and may there be many more to come!

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