Meet Moby the musical activist

American DJ, record producer, singer, songwriter and musician Moby is well known for his electronic music, veganism and animal rights activism. Why not listen to some of his great music right here at Lovesongs247.

Born Richard Hall, the 51-year-old is regarded by many as one of the most important dance music figures of the early 1990s helping transport electronica to mainstream audiences in the US and UK. He got the attention of the music world with his electronic dance flavour which borrowed bit and pieces from the techno and breakbeat genres. Moby has sold over 20 million records globally. “Lift Me Up” released as the first single from his 2005 album Hotel is one of his more popular tracks you can hear at Lovesongs247.
It was successful in many countries including the UK, France, Italy, Belgium and Spain and Moby’s explanation of what inspired the song is quite thought provoking. He claims to have written it in 2004 after the re-election of George W. Bush stating that it reflected his consideration to emigrate to Canada in protest. He says the central theme of the song is about the rise of global intolerance and fundamentalism.

“Lift Me Up” has been used in other media to good effect. It’s been used on ITV sports as the theme of their Formula One racing coverage and featured in the racing game Asphalt: Urban GT2 for mobile phones and Nintendo DS. The track also featured in the third season of the TV series Doctor Who. Moby’s latest album, More Fast Songs About the Apocalypse was released in June 2017.

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