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2018 promises to be another great year on the music scene and here at Lovesongs we’re gearing up for another cracking year! Speaking of cracking year, well it wouldn’t quite describe our 2017.
Our performance was phenomenal with our listener statistics going through the roof. It was our best year to date since we started this internet music broadcasting adventure in 2013. We saw an increase of over 400% in listener sessions in every month bar January and in December there was a whopping 57,087 sessions initiated by 4,822 unique listeners. During the corresponding month in 2016 our listener sessions stood at 3,789. Last year we had a total of 261,427 listener sessions up from the 53,520 total for the previous year, that’s an increase in sessions by 208,107. There were 47,934 unique listeners. Were always keeping our feet on the ground but this is evidence of significant growth. Of course without you tuning in for quality sessions, averaging 12.4 minutes in length, it wouldn’t be possible. So thanks for the thumbs-up and we’ll just keep on playing!

So where will the pop anthems of 2018 come from? Reggaeton might be a good starting point. After the success of “Despacito” featuring Justin Bieber music industry critics reckon we’ll see a trend of more pop stars checking out their Spanish dictionaries and phrase books and turning to that Caribbean-Latin American vibe in search of the big hits. Dancehall informed many of 2017’s big hits and it’ll be no surprise to see British and American artists using reggaeton in search of their own hits. It hasn’t exactly gone under the radar with Camila Cabello’s “Havana” and its Latin roots becoming the UK’s longest running number 1 by a female artist in the last decade.

The musical genre reggaeton originated in Puerto Rico in the late 1990s. It is influenced by reggae and other forms of Caribbean musicsuch as calypso, along with hip hop and includes rapping and singing mainly in Spanish. The dembow riddim created by Jamaican dancehall producers in the late 1980s and early 90’s provided the basic building block for this new sound, ironically created with a personal computer. Similar riddims are frequently sampled in reggaeton tracks. Reggaeton was at the heart of a prominent underground youth culture existing on the fringes of Puerto Rican society and law.The music’s explicit lyrics about drugs, violence, poverty, friendship, love and sex depicted the troubles of inner-city life in the country. Despite harsh criticism and attacks from the authories under various penal obscenity codes its popularity only increased when discovered by international audiences in the early 2000’s. Reggaeton has slowly gained acceptance as part of Puerto Rican culture. Some of the more popular reggaeton artists you’ve heard at Lovesongs 247 include Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Angel & Khriz and Ivy Queen

Reggaeton’s popularity is expected to continue growing in Europe and the United States and at Lovesongs 247 we’ll keep you posted by continuing to play some of your favourite reggaeton tunes while tracking new developments in this exciting new genre. Make sure Lovesongs 247 is part of your success formula for 2018!

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