Lovesongs247 finishes the session on a high

Another year has quickly passed by and at Lovesongs247 we’re thankful to you our listeners across the globe that have helped make it another good year for us. We have been very much a part of the significant growth in the popularity of live internet radio over the past few years. We’re excited about being part of this broadcasting revolution and promise to continue expanding your spectrum in the year ahead with the addition of more great music.

Performance statistics can often be misleading or interpreted in the wrong way but they can be helpful and be a useful guide. Since Lovesongs247 hit the internet airwaves in 2012 we’ve enjoyed steady and significant growth in our unique listeners and total sessions recorded by an analytic tracking code. Just for your information a session is a group of user interactions with a website within a given time frame. Sessions also indicate the number of unique sessions initiated by users. It is important the a clear distinction is made between clicks and actual session initiated by users. Clicking on a site cannot be recorded as a session. If we did our stats would be through the roof and who would we be fooling?

November 2017 was our third best month for unique listeners with 4,769 and 16,193 total sessions which was the sixth best performance over the last 12 months. Lovesongs247 has listeners in 146 countries and June was our standout month with an amazing 28,700 sessions that was 11,400 more than our previous best of just over 17,000 recorded in March and May. Our average session length is over 18 minutes. One thing’s for sure, the stats are a ringing endorsement of our wide-spanning multi-genre mix of global music. Thanks for the time guys! We must also thank you the listeners for your feedback and comments through our social media links. We appreciate them and they’ve helped us put together a better musical package for you. As one the smaller and newer internet radio stations were happy with our share of this ever expanding marketplace. Thanks again for tuning in to and we promise more of the same over the next year.

From all of us here at Lovesongs247 have a great New Year!

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