Lovesongs247 gets raunchy with “Wild Thoughts”

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We’ve been sharing with you this summer’s top 10 UK songs based on UK sales and streams and “Wild Thoughts” by DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller does catch the ear with its sexually suggestive lyrical content! Released in 2017 as the third single from Khaled’s tenth studio album Grateful the mid-tempo Latin inspired song features Latin percussions acoustic guitar lines and riffs that are heavily sampled from the 1999 hit single “Maria Maria” by American Latin rock band Santana. Lyrically it might be a bit raunchy for some, but then some people do like it hot! The song praises a lover who inspires wild thoughts and features various innuendos and carnal statements.

I hope you know I’m for the takin
You know this cookie is for the bakin (ugh)…Rihanna sings in the second verse.

Some critics praised its composition and Rihanna’s performance but others felt the song was too similar to the original “Maria Maria”. Commercially the song was successful reaching number one in the UK marking Khaled’s second and Rihanna’s ninth number one.“Wild Thoughts” peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 becoming Rihanna’s thirty-first top ten song, Khaled’s third, and Tiller’s first. Significantly it also marked the third highest debut of the Barbadian singer’s sixty Hot 100 entries and made her the fourth woman to make at least 60 Hot 100 appearances. The others being Nicki Minaj (78), Aretha Franklin (73) and Taylor Swift (70).

Carlos Santana who originally wrote “Maria Maria” which is sampled on “Wild thoughts” praised Khaled, Rihanna’s and Tiller’s take on the song. So what do you think? Well you can start by listening to it right here at where you can relax with your favourite golden oldies or picks from the current flavours of the day!

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