Listen to great world music at Lovesongs247

At Lovesongs247 we don’t have many rivals in terms of the diversity of female artists we play for you. There’s some really great world music out there that for one reason or another doesn’t make the more popular western charts or perform well in them. But does that disqualify them from being considered great music or being played on radio? The answer to that is simply no.
We’re not a pop chart internet music radio station. Far from it. Our researchers are always on the lookout for that different sound that different kind of music that too often escapes the ear of avid listeners through no fault of their own. How would they ever hear it if it’s not given air time? Artistically and creatively speaking this is a musical injustice so we’ve been able to carve out our own niche connecting you with some great music you might not hear anywhere else. We know that music is a universal language and as such we’re committed to playing a multi-genre mix of great world music.
It’s refreshing to hear non-English artists singing in their native tongue. It’s a way of broadening your horizon so to speak. No surprise then that Canadian singer-songwriter Beatrice Martin has proved very popular with listeners. She’s better known for her stage name Coeur de pirate – that’s French for Pirate Heart – and sings mostly in French. She’s released two full albums in French but Trauma released in 2014 marked her first full length English album which was well received in the music world. The album features covers of some of her favourite English songs for the Canadian television show Trauma. One of the picks of the album is her version of a track by another Canadian artist – The Weeknd’s “Wicked Games”. The common themes in her songs are heartbreak and unrequited love and you can’t help but being drawn in by her sweet but painfully lovelorn voice. Armed with only a piano and her voice Martin dishes out some straight talking on “Wicked Games” in a quite hypnotic fashion.
In July 2009 news broke that Martin had been a nude model for an alt-porn website. About 800 naked pictures were circulated on the website for many months. They were eventually removed at her record company’s request but it’s no surprise that the pictures keep reappearing on the web but it hasn’t had a negative impact on her musical career. Anyway don’t worry about seeing anything because If you haven’t heard Coeur de pirate yet then you’ve been missing a treat. Here’s one of many good reasons to listen to some quality internet music radio at Lovesongs247.

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