Lovesongs247 plays the best of the chart topping love songs

At Lovesongs247, we put a lot of thought into the songs we select for your enjoyment.

You might be looking for something to spice up a special evening with your partner or you may be seeking a source for inspiration. After all there are different musical strokes for different folks!

The songs penned about the ups and downs of being in love will always be among those most universally popular. So here’s another installment in our look at some of the top love songs of all time and you can listen to them here at Lovesongs247.

“Baby Love” – The Supremes 1964

At one point the Supremes were known at Motown as “the no-hit Supremes”. But that all changed with “Where Did Our Love Go” and “Baby Love” making them the first Motown act to have two number 1’s.

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” – Queen 1980

Freddie Mercury wrote the song while relaxing in his bath at the Munich Hilton. His label was reluctant to release it in the U.S. but radio stations were still eager to play the imported UK single forcing an American release.

“I Want To Know What Love Is” – Foreigner 1984

There were mixed views among the members of Foreigner about the suitability of this single for the group. There were concerns it might damage their rock image. The rest is history and the song sat at number 1 for two weeks.

“Part Time Lover” – Stevie Wonder 1985

According to Wonder the song was heavily inspired by two previous Motown hits – “You Can’t Hurry Love” and “My World Is Empty Without You”, both by The Supremes. It was his ninth number 1 and the first single to top five different Billboard charts.

“The Power Of Love” – Celine Dion 1994

New York native Jennifer Rush found international success with “The Power Of Love” but for some reason it was a low charter in America. But Celine Dion’s version was a Billboard smash number 1.

“Bleeding Love” Leona Lewis 2008

Jesse McCartney wrote the song and wanted it for himself but his label didn’t share his enthusiasm. So it went to Leona Lewis “The X Factor” winner in the UK.

Check out these great love songs here at Lovesongs247 and watch this space for more selections from the top love songs of all time!

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