Lady Gaga – the reinvention on Lovesongs247

Lady Gaga is back with a bang with her new album Joanne.If you were expecting the Gaga of the Poker Face and Bad Romance era, you may be disappointed.

There’s no meat dress, there’s no wacky outfits, just Lady Gaga being Stefani Germanotta.

Gaga is back with a more mature sound, and it turns out she’s made a very good soft rock album that wouldn’t have been out of place in the 90s.

There are a number of highlights, including emotional ballad Million Reasons, country-infused bop A-Yo.

But on Lovesongs247, title track Joanne is the highlight.

The raw emotion Gaga brings to the track about her dad’s late sister Joanne is hauntingly beautiful and really shows how far she has developed as an artist from the inoffensive pop star making club-friendly bangers.

Listen out for Joanne, Million Reasons, A-Yo and a number of other tracks on Lovesongs247.

You may just be very pleasantly surprised.

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