Honne give us a taste of their electronic soul

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Electronic music duo Honne formed in 2014 in east London, England have caught listener’s ears with their futuristic soul. Producer James Hatcher and singer-producer Andy Clutterbuck write, produce and record the music. They met while at university and adopted the name of Honne which is a Japanese word meaning “real intention”.

Their debut single “Warm on a Cold Night” was released in 2014 and here they successfully integrated some of the best sounds from the past with state of the art sophisticated pop.

In 2016 the band released their first full length album “Warm on a Cold Night”. It received favourable reviews and while still pretty mainstream their distillations of R&B complemented by synths and guitars produce a captivating sound. Check out Clutterbuck’s battered voice which combines lovesick weariness with a dose of blue-eyed soul.

“All in the Value”, Coastal Love” and “Gone Are the Days” are among the singles they’ve released to date. There’s lots of promise here and you can follow their progress at your favourite internet radio station Lovesongs247.

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